Can't see popup

Can’t see popup
Following all stap

what device are you using? For Redmi/xiaomi device please have a look at the existing threads with forum search because of some issues with security problems… make sure to enable usb debugging in developer settings and also enable the security option

  1. [Guide] [Windows] Installing Ratio Pro on Mi and Poco Phones

  2. Ratio Guide: Installing & Setting up Ratio

  3. NEW USER FAQ (Updated Every Week)

These three will help you most probably. If it does not not please search in this forum and update here also. I will look into it

@mrclschweizer @freyjasasi My device is OnePlus 7t

Usb debugging is ON

Anything else i need to ON of off

Your device is fully supported by blloc ratio. Change port or wire and try or run as admin in bllocdesk

As u said
I followed all your institution

Can’t see popup

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