Can't save Tile

My phone has 21:9 display ratio.
And after editing the tile , the save changes button goes behind nav bar , and can’t save.

I tried with it 3 button navbar, 2 button nav bar and one tap nav bar exclusively available for Moto mobiles

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If you have a notched display, can you toggle the notch settings and try?

I also have this problem on my OPPO Reno (CPH1917). No notched display.

Make sure it’s disabled~

Yes it is disabled, when I enabled that everything went under it. But without it the normal view is fine. It’s only a problem when editing the drawer (or when renaming and bringing keyboard down).

Hmm… weird…
Maybe make a new post for it?

Hey, we made note of the issue and will make sure to work on a fix for it. Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention!

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