Can't resolve Spotify permissions for Root page on Oppo R15 Pro

Device brand and model:

Oppo R15 Pro

Ratio version:

versionName: 3.2.3
versionCode: 30203
build time ms: 1593099622406
build date hr: 2020-06-25T15:40:22.406Z
variant: ratioRelease
cp vers: :27
debug: false
model: CPH1831

Problems encountered when using ratio:

Can’t use Spotify on Root page due to permissions error


Hey there, welcome to the community!

I believe that the screenshots above of notifications permissions isn’t the right one - the screen you were in was to give permissions for Ratio to display notifications, not get access to them.

I believe that tapping on the prompt (in the Root) will directly lead you to where you should allow notification access. If that fails, try finding a ‘Special access’ section under your ‘Apps’ in your phone’s settings. Unfortunately, this varies with every manufacturer and you may need to find out more.

Hope this helps!

Search for notification access in settings page. Provide ratio access to system notifications.

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Hey, Derbyshire, here is the solution for oppo device

After it shud give no error…

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Good share. :+1:

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Thanks…i myself figured it out in 2 Hours…so just tried to help someone out in the same issue!

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Thanks, saved my 2 hours