Can't install lite

I tried to install the lite version but still. I dont know but gives me false hope. I even tried to install and uninstall the blloc service app but it’s hopeless. I already updated the app and i can’t install the ratio light and the icon pack. :sob::sob::sob:

Could you describe in a bit more detail where you are stuck exactly? From what you said I could grasp that you were able to install Blloc Services, right?
Maybe a screenshot could be useful also.
Also details about your device please.

Without this information I’m afraid there’s not much anyone could say about this…

Please provide info about your device, android version, etc.

i just discovered that my phone…xiaomi phone which is in china rom cant install any launcher…any launcher…because they blocked any 3rd party apps…so sad…coz im really excited about it…:sob::sob::sob:

mi 8…android 10… it’s hopeless buddy…they blocked 3rd party apps for launcher…

Try this solution

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still the same…cant use app launcher as long as this app launcher blloc ratio is not in their app store…