Can't install Blloc Services on Oppo F5 Youth

Oppo F5 Youth
3GB ram
Android 7.0

Ratio light

It gives a parsing error.

Hey, welcome to the community!

Ratio currently only supports devices running Android 8.1 (Oreo, API level 27) or above; your phone is running Android 7.0, and therefore is incompatible with Ratio at the moment, unfortunately.

The team is working hard to expand support of Ratio to more devices, though! Hope this helps.

When will ratio support for android 7 nougat will arrive?

We don’t have a conclusive answer at the moment; your guess is as good as mine, unfortunately!

I don’t think that Ratio support will arrive for Android 7.0, because a lot of the APIs that Ratio uses are not present in Android 7.0