Can't change tittle name

Can’t change the previous title name. why?

Long press title and it will give option un bottom to change name or lock

I do but,it din’t change.

I got that bug as well. I cannot edit the drawer name when it is being created nor in the edit mode of the drawer. Neither with long-klick. The only way i can change the title is by going to the Ratio Settings and under Tiles > Edit Apps and Drawers, and then in “My drawers” i can edit the name, but with all the other methods it just doesn’t change the name, it only goes back to the previous name.
I tested it under my Poco F1 with Pro installed and also under my Vivo Nex 3S with light installed and didn’t work on any of those devices.

Just long press and click on drawer name. You can edit

I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 and this method is the only way I’m able to edit.

If, from the Home screen, I longpress a title, click Edit, then click Edit to the right of the title name, change the name, then click Done…it doesn’t save the changes.

I’m only able to save the changes by going to Ratio Settings, Tiles, Edit apps & drawers, My drawers, and then edit the name there.

yes, you can edit. but when you do edit, the edit doesnt stick is what they are saying. at least on their, and my, phones, Galaxy Note 10+ here.

After changing click enter or send button

I’ve done that… It doesn’t stick… Well…
That is unless you just cannot change the Essentials drawer name… Are there drawer names that simply can’t change?

No there is nothing like that