Cannot get past step 3

I cannot get past step 3 I have checked usb debugging is on and everything no pop up came so I used adb command to grant usb debugging but even after that it doesn’t proceed stuck at same step currently using OnePlus 7 pro


This is due to issue in Blloc desk i guess. they developed lots of code to block non supported devices but they end up in blocking supported devices. Instead of extending it for more devices these developers are concerned more to block non supported devices to access ratio. I personally don’t like this kind of development process

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yeah but i was looking forward to using it lets hope they give me a fix

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Some devices are having this issue. Hold tight. It is coming. Let’s focus on the positive: you got a code!!! It’s coming soon :slight_smile:
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developing codes to block non supported devices why ?

Please support all devices

can you give me a time limit of some sort i thought oneplus 7 pro was your base device😅

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This is an issue with some users. Other OP7 users are able to install properly. Maybe try a different computer or reinstall the Bllocdesk. :slight_smile:

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thank you i have tried reinstalling blloc i will try different pc and update here

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Was anyone able to find a solution to being stuck at step 3? I’m having the same issue on a Pixel 4, and I’m not sure what I need to do.