Can I add my own sources to the News card?

Hi there I see there is a thread about adding sources to the news card (ratio launcher) but it is closed now. So I started a new topic.
I would like to add my own sources if it will be possible
For now I can only search for countries(Romania in my case) but I would like to add my own list of sources.
Like typing in a website. Not just selecting from the list that you prepared. Because none of my news sources are there.

I reality like the launcher so far and gonna install the os too. But in the meantime I would like to give useful feedback and help you help me costumise it for my everyday use.



Adding news sources of your choice is available in Ratio. Just select the news option in root and while selecting the sources scroll to the far end of the list and you will see a “add sources” option there.

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He mean, add source by inputing website or news name not a country.


Yes. Exactly @Cerberus.


I tried to do as indicated but also in Italy it does not find local sources and they cannot be added as a website. For example I want to add Il Giornale di Brescia ( but it’s not possible

The ability to add your own sources hasn’t been added yet, unfortunately. For now, the only option is for you to pick from a small list of sources.

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Ok, none of them really covers my area of interests. But thanks anyway. Will wait it out. No stress guys.