Calendar widget, submit bug report


I think a bug report may need submitting for the Calendar Widget.

I have noticed an issue for sometime now and reading in the forum others have reported the same problem.

ISSUE: Calendar fails to automatically change daily.

End Report.

Please post bug reports in #ratio:bug-reports and in the prescribed format.

Happy New Year and thank you for replying.
As a new user I had no idea where to post bug reports or what the “prescribed format” was so turned to the forum as my first point for help.
It would seem the link #ratio:bug-reports is a dead end resulting in an Oops message, however I have now successfully raised a bug report at the official bug report address
I’m sure others reading this post will be interested in this information.
Kind Regards.

I am able to open it. I’m not sure why it isn’t opening for you.
Can you post a screenshot of the error?

Hi, thank you for continuing to pursue this issue.
Here is what I get when clicking on the link.

Just got this from Blloc so hopefully the Root / Calendar date change bug fix will be along soon.