Calendar card is not showing remainders and tasks in the root

Bug description

  • I have remainders and tasks in my calendar but they are not showing up in the calendar root card.

  • Here I have created a task and a remainder in my calendar on 16 oct.

  • But it’s not showing the task and remainder in the root card. It’s just showing the events on the following day.

Steps to reproduce

  • Create a remainder or a task in the google calendar to reproduce the bug.


  • Onepus 7
  • Android Version: 10

Ratio version: 3.3.2

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I think it’s not bug

I tested ratio in many devices as of now

Ratio calendar only shows events and goals

make any event or goal in calender

And also check your calendar account

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  • Yeah it is showing events, but the whole idea of having a root card is to show the calendar things in a compact way.
  • What’s the use of showing only half the things.
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Rest features will come soon.

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can we expect these features in ratio 4 ??

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I can’t assure when, but be informed that devs know this.