Bug/Suggestion regarding battery usage

The Ratio launcher uses much more battery and battery drains super quick.

Earlier I used to charge my OnePlus 7 Pro once a day and it used to breeeze through all the day.

But now I have to charge in less frequent interval than before.

If there are any background activities that are running, I think only the necessary activities should run. Because being a minimal launcher, the battery should last longer as we are trying to achieve less usage of phone which in turn should lead to less battery consumption.


@Ismael @adham @olivier

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Did you optimise the battery for ratio?
If not…then see if that helps

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I already have done that. Doesn’t help.

Did you turn off Blloc Desk… In case you don’t use that… Try turning that off

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I’ll do that. But I haven’t turned sync on so it shouldn’t matter.

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If the BllocDesk connection setting is enabled in Ratio settings it matters a LOT as it keeps the device fully awake, we’ll probably add a warning icon and maybe some additional options in the future.


I switched off Blloc connection and it drastically improved. Thanks @olivier


After the 3.1.9 update, even if I turned on BllocDesk Connection on Ratio, the battery drain is heavy. Please suggest a solution @olivier or any workaround

I also experienced high battery drain. I turned off news and youtube and bllocdesk and it seems improved. As news updated the latest article in the background it may consume some battery

I don’t use news, shall I turn off weather as well?

It’s upto you. Weather will be fine. I am using weather all day. For my usage gaming youtube all at High brightness getting 4 to 5 hours screen on time. 2 year old Honor play with 3700mah battery. It looks OK for me. I need to check the battery drain for Ratio again

I don’t think there is a significant improvement in battery life even after switching off Blloc desk and grayscale especially for a minimal launchers… Please look into it sir

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Also uninstalled and reinstalled yesterday

Yes friend. They are checking. I am not using ratio as now. It’s consumption is very higher than the game. Try restarting and all are not working. Olivier said he will check in this weekend let’s see what it is


Hi everyone. I did a test: I disabled the blloc desk connection, screen lock and notifications, greyscale and assistant app…basically I almost killed the launcher :joy: and the battery improves. Now I just have to reactivate one by one and see which of these is the one that consumes the most.


Please take one for the team and let us know bro :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I have a suspicion about notifications…Ratio in these days did not even come out in the statistics … I activated the notifications and in 11 minutes of use, it immediately took 4% of the battery :thinking:…You too can try to disable access to notifications … mine can be just a case

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I have the notification access on. I don’t have that ratio drain.
Maybe, try turning off persistent notifications like Spotify connection to ratio etc.

I am also using 2 year old Honor Play…
Please can you help me to guide how to get and run ratio on my device sucessfully…
If you help me, it will be great…

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Sure. Did you got mail from ratio for downloading.

Honor play supports all ratio features flawlessly. So don’t worry.