[bug/suggestion] Better syncing of the categorization

This is actually for both the Ratio and the Blloc desktop app.

I was organizing my icons.

Using the Blloc Desktop app, I couldn’t find a better way to add a category. I had to click hold and drag an icon then a “New Drawer” shows up where I could place the icon. I couldn’t rename the category/drawer from the desktop app.

I switched to my OP7Pro, organized a couple of icons, added some new drawers and renamed them. Luckily, I haven’t finished organizing all my apps, because when I returned to the desktop app, it didn’t show an updated look as in my device. I thought that dragging something would update it, but instead, the setup in the desktop app prevailed and updated my mobile setup and cleared all my organization in my phone. Hurts. But I was just thankful I haven’t finished organizing 100% on my device.

I guess that counts as a bug?

I hope a faster syncing would be implemented. Or at least the mobile device and desktop app would communicate first to find out the latest version of something (like organization and layout), then sync that across devices.

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