Bug occasionnaly when interacting with the Root (Feedback)

So from time to time, when i interact with the Root on my Oneplus 7 Pro, it causes Ratio to crash, freezing the Root and the Ratio settings tab until i restart my phone( edit: this turned out to be a bug for my first few times using this, maybe something to do with setting up??)Apart from that my experience with this launcher is great, loving how fluid and minimalist this is, the only thing missing in my opinion is the option to change the accent color so that it matches the color theme of my OS.

Hi @tarekn, thanks for the feedback.
The next time it happens could you please notify me here and tell me more what feature you were using in the Root when it happened?

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Hi @olivier , it seems like this issue only present the first few times I was using the launcher, it was when I tried to launch the spotify plugin to start a timer, however those issues don’t happen anymore, the only thing that does happen is that when I try to use alarm plugin, the launcher crashes and restarts

Ok thanks. We’re removing the alarm in the next update because it’s a very old and buggy implementation, we’ll reimplement it in the future.

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