Block or truly hide/restrict problematic app

For intentional digital life and wellbeing I think users should be able to completely disable/hide bloatware app/’‘necessary app’’ (app store of any kind included) of their choice.

It should not be fast to change back.
A bored/weak moment shouldn’t allow me to access/install problematic app.
Only if I really have the intention to do it.

Maybe require to be plug into a computer ?
That way if you want to check youtube… well you’re computer is allready open… so indulge on the computer.
You will not have installed it on the phone, so you will not have a timesink in your pocket.

Ex : The browser is way too easy to access even it it’s ‘‘hidden’’ (samsung internet)
(can’t remove the app either since it’s a bloatware)

Simply type ‘‘Int’’ in the search bar and you get offered ‘‘Internet: New tab’’

Get bored… oh now I lost 30 min on ‘‘internet time sink of your choice’’…

Hey Rafiki. Have you tried the Hide App option? That should let you hide apps like Internet.

Oh actually, it appears there is a bug where shortcuts don’t get hidden even when the app is. We will try to address that soon! Otherwise, thanks for the suggestion, maybe we could provide some options for locking hidden apps away in more ways.