Blocc apk not downloading

Hi. I am trying to download Blocc from my email. And it loads in Chrome. And then disappears. Then I can’t find it. I don’t know where it goes. Please help

Hi welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face:
Are you using your phone to download or a PC?

Using my phone. It’s a OnePlus 6

Good, now to sort your prob.
You should instead open your email on your PC and download Bllocdesk there. The downloaded file should go into your Downloads folder on your computer.

This is because Bllocdesk is PC software not an apk for android phones. (Unless you’re installing Ratio Lite, but lets assume you want the Pro version)

Install it (as you do any software on pc), then use it to install Ratio on your phone.

Simply open Bllocdesk then follow the installation guide. Its pretty straight forward and you shouldn’t get lost.

Here’s a more detailed thread on the subject matter of installation.

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Hey @iqramticklay, welcome!

I’m presuming that you’re installing Ratio Lite - after all, it appears that the e-mails sent by Blloc nowadays only cater to install Lite.

When downloading files using (Android’s) Chrome, you’re prompted to give a name for the file (which usually is given) and a location; if you haven’t changed anything in that prompt, the file should be saved in your device’s Downloads folder. Do you mind checking that using a file explorer app (I believe OnePlus devices do have the stock Files app) and seeing if the file is located in Downloads.

Alternatively, if you’d like to try out Ratio Pro (with more abilities in comparison to Lite), you can follow @black’s recommendation above. Hope this helps, and welcome once again!

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I downloaded the apk but when i try to install it it says “there was a problem parsing the package”

Same thing happening with me.

What Android version are you using ??

This happen to me too

Using Android 6 on Galaxy S7.

I don’t think Android 6.0 Marshmallow supports Ratio as of now . But your device Samsung Galaxy S7 is only upgradable to Android 8.0 Oreo and Ratio requires a minimum of Android 8.1 as of now . So you won’t be able to install Ratio on your device.

Ratio is only supporting Android 8.1 and above so I’m afraid no… :pensive: