Received invitation with download link for BllocServices.apk

But when I try installing it, it’s showing there was a problem while parsing the package.

I’m using android version Oreo 8.0

What could be the problem?

Hi. Welcome to the community.

Ratio needs Android 8.1 and above to work.

I’ve Installed BllocServices also install ratio but nothing after that. When I refreshed it download again.
Help. Device: Pocophone F1

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Yes, I also face the same problem …after installing both Nothing like that happened later…anybody please help me.
Device: redmi note 7 pro

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@vinaychavan995 @chavanshubh45 Please try doing the process all over again. A codepush has been done by the developers just a few hours ago that hopefully fixes that issue.

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When I installed aap from file manager its shows that, there is problem while parsing the pakage…
Please tell me what will i do.?
Device : redmi note 7 pro

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What is the Android version of your device??

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I have redmi note 7 pro
Android 9

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My Version is Android 10. But nothing happens

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Have you downloaded the apk from the link you received in the invitation ??

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Yes, I downloaded it from the invitation link you provided

Ratio is now on the Play Store .You can directly download it from there. Here’s the link -

But This does not modify the device system

Could you elaborate ??

I mean, it does not modify or change devices system and theme as ratio launcher. As a launcher The entire device system and theme should be changed or modified but its couldn’t do.

Also Apps Apearence should change