Blloc's community website new accent colors

I noticed some change in the blloc’s community website. At first i thought that accent colors would follow the category the posts were in, like ratio -> yellow, General -> white, Bllocdesk -> grey, Test Category -> blue.
It is though, kinda all mixed up and I’m just a little confused as it seems a bit inconsistent so i’m asking here if anyone notices a pattern I don’t.

Btw, thanks for providing something new every week, keeping us hyped. I’m really loving ratio and all the blloc’s project

Here are some screenshots :slight_smile:

Ratio category (yellow) with blue accents

Posting in ratio general (white) with a yellow outline and a blue button. (Inception lol)

Blue user notifications


Hmm, have you checked if this issue is one on your end? The website appears with the yellow accent colour fully on my end. In all honesty, though, seeing blue does look pretty neat. :eyes:

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The color has changed…

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It seemed strange at first so i checked on the blloc discord group and some confirmed they see the website as I do.
Yee! Blue does look really neat :exclamation: but idk, feels kinda mixed and confused this way. obviously that’s just my opinion and doesn’t mean that much! :smile:

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Looks pretty cool.