BllocOS vs Ratio. What are the differences?

I’ve been using Ratio for a couple of days and I’ve been loving it so far.
The thing is, the more I use it, the more curious I become about the main Costum ROM.
So I just wanted to know what are the main differences between Ratio and the main OS.
Would you consider it worth flashing?

It’s my first post here so I didn’t really know where I should post this question.

@yoniy7890 As of right now, the main difference is the Tree (Conversation Hub) feature. Blloc OS is also de-googled so that’s another one. But essentially Tree and non-google apps.

But when the OS is ungoolge, why are the apps full of goolag tracker ??

@harvey186 As you know Ratio is a Launcher at the moment so it is just an overlay on top of your current OS. You can always install a custom ROM and then install Ratio. If you want the full experience, you can buy the Z18 from their website as well.

That was not the question. The question was: Why has the Blloc Laucher ( icons a lot of goolag trackers. My OS (eOS) is complete goolag free,

So, when Blloc OS is degoogled, why are your apps not degoolged free ?

@harvey186 Can you provide an example of what you are referring to? Is this like a part of the code that you debugged or analyzed? Thanks.

sure. Here you can see the result from TrackerControl and from ClassyShark