BllocDesk stop installing Ratio at step 8

Hi. I tried to instal Ratio to my phone but it stops at stage 8 and I get this error:
My phone is a xiaomi 9 se, on android 10. I have already installed the ratio light version.!

Check if you have enabled file transfer mode in your phone. And turned on install via USB in developer settings.

Thanks I will do that.

I also have this issue, it says ‘device not found’

My device is Mi 9t Pro (android 10)
My laptop’s is in Windows 10

Probable solutions I made:

Usb Data transfer
Usb debug
Allow installation via usb
Turned off Miui optimization
Run Blloc Desk as pc admin

Thanks I made that changes and I installed yesterday. Did you notice any change in fluidity or battery if you disable MIUI optimizations?