Bllocdesk still available for those who want it?

Can Bllocdesk still be available to the people who want to use it as I signed up for Ratio and Blloc like 5 months ago hoping I could at least slightly integrate my phone and pc together and this software looks very sleek but am now very dissapointed to see that it is no longer available.

I understand that you can download ratio from the playstore but why just straight up discontinue the desktop app?

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Hi there!

It seems like development for BllocDesk hasn’t been terminated permanently, but rather suspended for now. In releasing Ratio to the public, Blloc had to shift its attention away from other non-Ratio aspects (although I may understand that you view BllocDesk as part of the Ratio experience) to work on the launcher. I strongly don’t believe that BllocDesk has been sunsetted, but is instead just temporarily removed.

I believe that the removal of BllocDesk on Blloc’s frontend made it clear that BllocDesk wasn’t working; otherwise, it may lead to events like users submitting bug reports here when BllocDesk is still paused. Even so, if you’d like to use it, it’s no longer available (for now!). We’ll need to see what comes next!

We don’t know of a date or timeline as to when Blloc wishes to consider kickstarting development for BllocDesk again, but when it does, I think a lot of us will be glad!

I’m sure you’re well-versed in it, but Adham’s post regarding Ratio and Blloc’s next steps is the best shot we have at estimation.

Hope this helps!

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