BllocDesk Linux Support

Hey there,

I finally received my invitation for Ratio, but unfortunately I noticed that I need BllocDesk for it to activate. I’m using Linux but sadly there is no Linux support for it. Is there another way to activate my Ratio invite or maybe there is a Linux client in work?



Same here, running ChromeOS and just got my invite.

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Hi @PeX and @harry, Ratio needs to be installed from a computer so unfortunately for the moment you need a windows or mac machine, since there are no plans to release a version for any OS other soon. We’ll consider adapting it to other OSs depending on user feedback. Thanks a lot for letting us know you’re interested in this, and I hope you can get your hands on a supported computer.

Can I use any computer to install Blloc on my phone, even though it’s not my computer then?

Yes, although you won’t benefit from having BllocDesk which is pretty neat. If you do so make sure to disable Blloc desk from Ratio settings so that it doesn’t sync with the computer you install it with



I would like BllocDesk Linux support, :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d also like to bump BllocDesk Linux Support.

I’ve been close to getting it to work with WINE, but atm there’s some segfault that happens after showing the main screen.


I’ve been successful in getting the app running on Linux before Blloc announced this forum.
I did that by extracting the electron app from inside the OSX version and running it with the electron cli tool but it’s a hacky way of doing it and some features probably don’t work, I wasn’t able to test it fully because my phone wasn’t supported and I couldn’t get the app to run.


Hey! Do you mind giving me a few more details about how you went about the extraction? I’m interested in giving it a go!

I downloaded the OSX version and used a dmg2dir script to extract the data, and then in the directory there was an .asar file indicating it is an electron app.
You can execute this file with electron app.asar (you need to get electron cli first) and it should work (bllocdesk provides their own adb binaries but if you have them installed on your system it should work)


Got it working! Thank’s for your help. I’m going to do a quick post with the method to help other Linux users!

Hey! I’d like to chime in adding my support for a linux version!

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Same here, Linux support would be very appreciated!

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can someone help me…i got a mail,invitation code and all.Like i got the launcher??

Hi @arjunrated007
Well you got the invitation to install launcher.

  1. If you want to install Ratio Lite no need to use BllocDesk - laptop/Desktop.
    NOTE: Right now there is no much difference between PRO and lite. you can refer to Ratio pro vs lite post.
  2. If you want to install Ratio Pro, then you need to use BllocDesk which you can download using the link you received in mail. To install this you need Windows or Mac.
    Right now there is no support for Linux. I doubt in near future we will get this as devs are busy in making this launcher stable with feature rich
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No need to switch operating systems. There is a workaround:

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Where can i install launcher?

try this link it would help you!

As BllocDesk is just an Electron application and works on Linux (the macOS version can be extracted and run explicitly in Electron through command line), it could be supported on Linux without much work IMO. It could be just packaged in a Linux format (deb, appimage) and then it would be checked that it works.

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