Bllocdesk - issue transferring files

Bug description

Transfering files from my phone to my competer have never being easier but the other way around is a bit messy, takes too long and not always works, thats a bit anoying, I’m currently using a galaxy A50 and my computer is an HP Pavilon from 2015


HP pavilon 2015

Ratio version:


Hi, I’m moved your post to a different category (you posted it under Ratio, when it actually relates to Bllocdesk)

Our team is currently focused on Ratio development in order to create the best experience possible on your phone. Since we’re a small team, Bllocdesk development is on pause at the moment, which may explain the issue you are having.
For now, please transfer files between your phone and computer like you would normally (without Bllocdesk).
Thanks for understanding :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply and yeah ratio is getting better and better and I’m so glad about it

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