BllocDesc stops installing Ratio at step 8

Today I tried installing Ratio directly to my phone from the desktop app, I tried several times, it stops at step 8, hangs on 10% and I get this error:
I am currently running Win10 Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134,
My android is Galaxy A5 2016 model SM-A510F running android 7.0.
And I also have USB debugging turned on, I have selected Media Transfer Protocol and I have run Blloc desktop app as administrator.
I won’t be able to check for replies immediately, but I will check later.
Thanks in advance!

Minimum android version required is 8.1 to use ratio

Could I root my phone and install 8.1 on it? Pretty sure there are custom roms for it. I wonder if it would work then?

Ratio will work on Android 8.1 and above. So if you install a custom rom from 8.1, it should work.