Blloc Zero18 screen protector

Hi everyone!

I hope it is ok to ask this question here - about screen protector.
I received one screen protector with my Zero18, but unfortunately I failed a bit to install it.
Was it custom made for Zero18 or is it from other device? I was wondering if someone could suggest me screen protector from other device that would fit just fine. I mean cut out could be bigger and so on.


I had hardened glass protectors fit in a specialised store from a Huawei model. Sorry, but I can’t tell the exact model, but it fits slightly smaller. After I broke the first, I paid circa EUR 5 for the change.

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Great, thanks for suggestion!

FYI: a tempered glass for Huawei P20 Lite fits relatively well - almost the whole Z18 screen is well protected. That could be a good hint for the Blloc team to order such protectors from the same producers, it will not be that difficult to extend the P20 Lite glass with 2mm (lenght and width).

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Sounds good. From specs seems that this might work quite well.