Blloc Update - dont update without new ota app

i have the Zero18 without Google Services.
At the Blloc Updater i want to update the BllocOS:
release-6.0.1-2021 05 11

as it says:
i searched the OTA Updater…

On my previous Zero18 with Google Services there was an OTA Updater.
On my current Zero18 without Google Services there is no OTA Updater - so i thought there is maybe an new app on the playstore, but no.

edit - i just tried to install the update via the blloc updater, an error occured with an shown dead android.

i tried to flash but the flashing tool only shows me v4.0.1 (what i already have) and only lets me select “with google services”.
what can i do to update :frowning:

Hi there

There is another thread for this. It may help.

Have a good day