Blloc Services stopped working

Device brand and model:

vernee Apollo Lite
Android 8.1

Ratio version: 3.2.4

Problems encountered when using ratio:

My device not officially support, but working as normal, even notification dots not working either. But, serious problem is when I open blloc service, suddenly stopped working. So I can’t update new version with Blloc service instead.
So I must manually update with my PC.
Hopefully really soon been fixed.


Hi Sir My Name Is Henry Hilton. A Beginner Trying To Help. As I See Here You Are Using An Language That I Dont Know. But Your Problems Is Blloc Services Keep Stopping.

You May Reinstall The App

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How to reinstall the app, I mean I already updated ratio to new version with Blloc Desk.

Update: Notification works fine. Turns out, I don’t allow the access before.

Try To Reinstall The Blloc Services. By Reinstall I Mean Uninstall And Install

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Okay, thank you. I’ll try it