Blloc requires 64 bit windows?

Ok, so got the invite email and super excited to get Blloc, but then the Bllocdesk installer will only run on a 64 bit windows, not 32 bit. So what now do I go and buy a 64 bit pc to install this? is there no 32 bit version?

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You can run a virtual machine and install Bllocdesk that way :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks - how do I do that?

Install this -->

Then, install 64 bit version of Windows and then you can install blloc desk on that. It should be pretty straightforward after that :slight_smile:

That is the only way I can think of you being able to do it on a 32bit machine

we just released a newer version (0.7.5) that is supposed to support both 32bit and 64bit would you test and confirm for us its working on a 32bit ? Just re-download it from the same link. thanks!

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Hello, yes i can confirm it works. can i also ask, why does my anti virus software and windows flag Blloc as an harmful app?

Microsoft servers haven’t updated them as a verified publisher. They have registered and paid the fee however. They are registered, Microsoft just needs to do an update. So, no harm for your laptop :slight_smile: