Blloc Ratio Pro in Play store

Is blloc Ratio pro is coming to play store ??
If yes, when ??

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Publishing Ratio to the Play Store is the end goal, to officially kickstart the public release of Ratio. Although Ratio has been polished and improved on over the updates, we still have to consider the different issues and improvements now that are still yet to implement. I’m presuming we won’t know when they plan to publish Ratio to the Play Store, but hopefully they will in due time!


I’d even say that Ratio Pro is probably not going to the Play Store because it needs so many permissions and an installation process that doesn’t match the Play Store. I could imagine Ratio Lite going to the Play Store though.

No Ratio Lite is going to be dropped from development now and Ratio Pro is going to make it to the Play Store .
@adham had told the mods to share this info on the discord server.

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That’s quite interesting. I’m quite interested how they are going to implement it in the Play Store. :blush:

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A separate desktop app will be released to enable permissions needed for monochrome mode and app lock features.