Blloc Ratio pro for Poco F1

Is there Blloc Ratio pro for Poco F1 ??
When and how do I get my invite ???

Hey @muruAlpha, thanks for tagging along!

Once you’ve filled the form to get your Ratio invite in Blloc’s website, you’ll need to wait a while (we can’t be certain when; it varies a lot between different people) before you’ll get an invitation to use Ratio.

If I may in the meantime, though: take some time to look through threads on installation here in the forums so that you’ll be able to note how to install Ratio (and, if there are issues, what you can do to resolve them!) The new users guide can help:

Welcome to the community, and I hope you’ll get the opportunity to start using Ratio soon! :wave:

Atleast Can you answer, whether the Blloc Ratio Pro is available for Xiaomi’s POCO F1 or not ??

Whoops, sorry for not answering your first question! Regardless of your device model, you should get an invitation to use Ratio (the e-mail will offer the two Ratio options to you).

I can tell you that it’s working fairly well on Poco F1, just tye grayscale mode isn’t working but everything else works just fine.

I use a poco F1 and as you know it is not officially listed in the website . But, I applied for mine stating it as an one plus 6 device since both were the same generation and share almost common specs except one plus 6 has a slightly longer and narrower display. As for my experience it was really good. Flawlessly works as though the app was designed for the poco F1 . I don’t know if ratio approves of my action to decieve the company. And I do not recommend you to do so. I’m just sharing my experience. Hope it helps.

They approve it, post in the unsupported devices subforum according to the rules there (there are six screenshots you are supposed to take). That way they will maybe support the phone sooner :blush:

Link to the forum:

And here’s a link telling you how to post exactly:

When will the Poco f1 will come in to the official list ??