Blloc ratio on Pocophone f1?

I have a question, is there anybody with Pocophone f1 who got ratio code and download link?


there are some topics from F1-Users here, so yes, there are users with poco received their codes.

So why i dont have yet? I’m waiting from 2 months

Invitations are send in batches, so no one can say when you or other users receive your code, you have to stay patient, maybe some moderator or admin can have a closer look, try to contact them on discord. for me it took about 3 weeks to get the code… some have waited for months…

Okay thanks

Yes you can. Some users with same device as yours are using it without any issues.
for light try this Ratio lite installation problem mi9t

For pro try this Can't install ratio on my device (Redmi 7A)

Yes just received it today and using it at this moment.

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he can’t install, cause he is still waiting for the invitation, but maybe he needs your guide links later for installation progress… :slight_smile:

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@artechhd1080 help @DanielToPaker to install ratio

You have to wait for your invitation code bro. I hope your have applied for the invitation code. After that I can help you with the installation process


Okay, thanks for help, i just noticed that i got this. XD thanks again and sorry for that mistake


Yes, It is working perfectly on my Pocophone F1.
Though there’s a permission issue, am waiting for a solution in regard to that.

Link: How to grant permissions using bllocdesk?

Yea, but i have another problem, while I installing there is no popup even if i allow USB debugging and installed USB drivers to my pc

Yes, am using Pocophone F1. Working good as of now.

I didnt download anything like that

Successfully installed in my Poco F1

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Can you provide the steps you followed? Lot of F1 users aren’t able to install it.
I am trying to figure out where the problem arised.

Only way to install it if you get the invite code.

I followed the steps shown in below link.

Do you have the ratio pro or ratio lite?