Blloc Ratio and Privacy

This is brilliant!

I think that this is a great step towards letting users know that Ratio’s meant to be a privacy-respecting launcher. To most users who may be privacy-concerned, I think that this does well in bringing across to them this message.

Just in case, though, I believe that there should be a solid Privacy Policy/Notice in place for those who would like to understand more (as an example, in the Encrypted section, some may wonder what “anything we save on your device” might be). I noticed that the Privacy Policy on Blloc’s website only referred to the usage of the website and the shop, but nothing much about Ratio so far. It would help if the Policy was updated to include Ratio!

I believe another point of concern for many privacy-centred users is the explanation of the permissions before installation of Ratio begins; from what I’ve read in the forums so far, I’ve seen that some people have raised little concerns regarding privacy. I strongly believe that Blloc is a company respects its users’ privacy, but to improve transparency, I think that this section could be updated with more elaborate and clear explanation on why these permissions are needed. This would also help to explain better to users who are wondering why Ratio needs this particular way of installation (through BllocDesk).

Transparency - that includes being clear on what you collect (which I understand is near minimal), what you plan to do with raised permissions, and the relationship of trust between Blloc and its users - is a crucially important thing. This thread, I believe, brings forth many strong points that, at no offense at all, may be used to improve Ratio and its stand in its transparency much more better! You have my respect as a company with innovation; we just need to know whether we can trust you enough!

I agree. Privacy, above all, should be the most important thing a company should uphold. Thank you @adham for the assurance!


+1 from me

noted. Next update will def. communicate the permissions a lot better. The privacy section is a bit legal so it might take some time, but i guess we will come up with an intermediately solution.


@tonmoy Thank you very much for raising this issue, I have been wondering about the privacy concerns too from the day I installed it and wanted to raise the same issue.
But after seeing @adham reply, he has given me 50% reassurance that its a privacy friendly app, now im waiting for the new update as he mentioned more security feature details will be described on that.

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@tonmoy is asking a most important question, you don’t need to critisise him to make your point.
Atleast google tells us partially, what are they collecting about us and everybody knows about them anyway, so that we can make a conscious decision of using it or not.

In his post, He doesnot want to stop them doing what they are doing currently, be it keeping our data private or selling it.
all he asks them is to tell us, what are they doing with our data and how they are using the permissions, so that we can make a choice of using it or not.

As you see later on, the @adham replied to it and clarified the whole transperancy issue.
And thats the answer we need,
not that trying to mock him inturn by asking do you use google.

Ps: no offense @jbriones95 you clearly misunderstood his intentions and the whole discussions has gone the wrong way later on.


@aryastark31f No offense taken! I can always learn and become a better person :slight_smile:. Text based interactions are always different than real time ones, but we can always learn :smiley:

Thanks for your thoughts and as a mod I’m glad we are coming to a better understanding of the whole situation. We can always turn every conversation to be a positive one even when we have rough patches :smiley:


I wasn’t criticising him. Any debate should have a proper argument and counter arguments. That’s all which happened there.


Cleaning up the permissions required by Ratio, here’s the result.

On top of that the next version will also have a Permission Manager which will explain in detail what each permissions is for.


But other permissions also needed right. Sms, calendar for blloc desk. If it’s not there how I can enable and disable it

No they’re not needed for now.


so how tree will work without those permission or blloc desk syncing ?

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We’ll add the permissions when these features are released. We just don’t want useless permissions that are here because of old versions of Ratio for the Zero18.


But my question is these permission are directly written into android settings while installing via bllocdesk. do i need to install it again to remove all these permission or just turning off in system settings would be enough ?

Turning them off is enough. Installing again won’t change anything as we didn’t yet release the version that requires less permissions.


Thank you for personally taking out time to respond to user queries. Really appreciate the gesture.

I have 3 broad queries now:

  1. What data is sent from the device back to Blloc? E.g. product analytics, usage stats, telemetry etc.

  2. I read that Ratio Pro uses android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS (that Ratio Lite can’t use). This is because Google specifically mentions that -->
    "Allows an application to read or write the secure system settings.
    Not for use by third-party applications."

So, this setting isn’t supposed to be used by 3rd party apps like Blloc Ratio. Why does Blloc need this sensitive setting?

  1. Are there any other sensitive setting that Blloc requires? By sensitive, I mean settings that used unwisely may compromise user data.

For the first question, there is no data has been going out of device. As you can see few posts from Adham earlier in this same thread there is one image talks about privacy and security. That will be updated soon to the new site of blloc.

For 2nd question, when installing via bllocdesk it is mentioned like “Needed for locking apps and set distracting apps in graysacle”

This what I know so for. But for your query best understanding, admins will reply.

  1. Anonymous analytics without any personal data, just basic app usage events that allow us to know the number of active users etc. Also when there’s a crash or an error, an error report is sent to Sentry, anonymously as well.

  2. This permission unfortunately is needed for putting the screen in greyscale, it uses a developer setting and it’s the only way a third party app can do that.
    It’s also needed to restart the services that handle color mode, app lock (whenever you change app, Ratio needs to perform actions to lock it if it’s needed or to put it in greyscale/in color). These services sometimes get killed in the background by the OS so Ratio needs to restart them or these features just wouldn’t work consistently.

  3. You’ll find below screenshots of the permissions manager in the upcoming version that lists exactly what permissions are used and what for. And these permissions can be disabled by the user if they’re unwanted.


Thank you olivier for detailed explanation. Nice to see its coming in next update ratio v3.2.2.

I am glad that blloc is very transparent in security and privacy settings. :+1:

And thanks for showing some glimpse of next update. I hope it will amaze me like June 1st update