Blloc OS for the Android General

@adham @jbriones95 I’m wondering if the ratio team, can devolp the os for the phones like sailfish team does and sell them like microsoft.
If a team, has done so good with a launcher ,what can do with the.full blown os.
I know they released zero 18 with full blown os, but the hardware isn’t quite on par with big players like samsung and oneplus, so the consumers like us dont buy the zero 18 phone.
If they could provide the software like OS for the android devices like the microsoft does with PC, it will be a great deal.
I personally love the de googled software of zero 18 phone.
Hope the devolpers of blloc team, see my post and think about it.

Ps: if not selling for the entire smartphone community, atleast port for the samsung ‘too much bloatware in one UI.’
and oneplus devices .
If they do, I would buy it right away.

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I imagine that the strategy for now is to make Ratio available to all via an app, its easier for the average Joe. Maybe this will be received well enough by users and the monetization can go towards developing ROMs for other phones. Make sure to do your part, share Ratio and maybe in the future a custom ROM can be available through the developing team.