Blloc launcher app lock issue [Solved]

I locked a app in the ratio launcher but how to remove the lock option of an app,when I long press on the app it says release to edit but when I release nothing shows up,help me .
Thanks in advance

Well long press app and when you release, use your fingerprint to edit the settings, then you’ll be taken to the app settings and stats page, at the bottom you can remove fingerprint

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One more doubt doesn’t launcher applies it’s theme for slide down bar menu

What do you mean my slide down bar menu, give me an example or a screenshot preferably

No buddy, not as of now, You have to change the notification shade colour yourself.

Thank u so much buddy for clearing my doubts xD

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If it helps,


This is s the ratio colour code, it doesn’t look very pretty in notification shade so I don’t use it.

I’d actually love colour options in ratio as well to be frank

Sorry where should I apply the colour code?

If you are using a One plus device, settings>customisation

If not it’s a pixel, you’re out of luck