Blloc Discord Server

Brilliant idea by @BobbyV8. Lets join the new discord server and develop our ideas and inputs for Ratio

(Updated to never expiring Invite)



Would love if you guys could also join in. @Ismael @olivier @Kira unless you have your own discord. :grin:

In that case we can join theirs and invade LOLz

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I’ll join soon :slight_smile: Excited for the Discord :smiley:

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Thats great to hear. Thanks!

The invite seems to have expired, mind sending it again?

Reset it from here

Thanks for the reply!

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Could you please post an updated Discord invite link?

The discord Link got expired

“Blloc” discord server is now a Level 1 Server with 2 Boosts.
Upon reaching a 100 user number, we decided to boost it to Level 1 and give it a custom animated DP which is this

In case you have issues with the current Invite link, here we have one


Can anyone please share the latest link to join the channel?

@freyjasasi any issues with discord? I see you left the server!

No. Not a problem. I will join later.

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Can someone update the invite link?

Updated link anyone?

It shows invite is expired. Give new invite link.

Is there a way to have a fixed link rather than updating every time.

Yes. It’s there I guess. When sharing we can change it to never expire

The latest link I shared is never expire. It’ll be valid as long as server exists