Blloc Desk unsupported Device (Anecdotal Solution) (Pixel 3a)

unsupported Device

I got the Message “unsupported Device” while trying to install Ratio on my Pixel 3a.


Laptop: MacOS
Phone: Pixel 3a

(I used the the Google type C - C Cable included with the Phone)

My Steps to fix

Here are the steps I did, to got it working to install Ratio Pro App

Uninstall Blloc Desk with cleanmymac (don’t how to do on Windows, I want to get rid of the settings). restarted computer. installed fresh Blloc.
While this I installed Ratio Light with standart porcedure.
Then I was able to install the Pro version. At first stuck on the ‘enter licence key’ Step, I guess this was due to Server Issue. Restarted Blloc Desk and got to the next step. Then the setup stuck at 100% downloading. Granted ‘Storage’ Permission and restarted Blloc Desk and it worked then.
After finishing the Blloc Desk setup I am now able to grayscale Apps and apply costum brighntess which I guess is only a pro feature and have Ratio Icons as well, so this was kinda ‘update Ratio light to Pro’ procedure.

My Guess

Having Ratio Light installed on my Phone helped me with it. Also it helped reinstalling Blloc Desk a few times, then I got to the installation.

Hope this will help


I’m on windows and I reinstalled Blloc Desk, tried installing it on my Pixel 3a, and I’m still getting the “unsupported device” error :frowning_face:

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thank you for sharing this

I’ve done all that (on windows 10) and I still get the same error unfortunately. Other users are saying we’re facing these errors because the servers are overloaded at the moment so maybe you just got it to work coincidentally. (servers were up when you tried that one time).

One thing I might have missed, what permission exactly are you talking about here? as far as I know I’ve granted the app every permission possible?

Anyways, enjoy it :smiley: hopefully it’ll work for me too soon enough.

I can confirm that this works.
But since you used your license key on light, you’ll need to get to and reset your license key to get past the “no licence key” on bllocdesk

For me I was able to use the same licence Key twice. I was also able to install Light twice on my Phone. But don’t know if this is intended


This was the Fix for me, when I was in Bloc Desk and it said ‘Downloading 100%’ but it was stuck. Its the ‘Storage’ Permission (Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Ratio -> Permissions -> check if storage is allowed).

Hey @everyone,
Updated the Post. Hope this may help you and the Developer to find the Bug that causes the Problem.

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