Blloc desk not connecting please help

im not finding the option to connect to blloc desk as the tile told me doesnt even exist in general

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block desk is available only in pro version.
you are using the blloc light version,
you have to put your pro invitation code for pro, that was sent to you
and only then you can use it

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one thing more every time i open my phone after locking it and leaving it for a minute or so ratio launcher doesnt come up
i have setted ratio as default launcher but still after entering i need to press home button

it stays as a black screen right?
it’s the new bug that came with 3.2.7. they will fix it with the new fresh update that’s coming out soon

no not black screen i mean if i unlock my phone and don’t touch home button one my oneplus launcher will continue to work but my default launcher is ratio that’s what i mean

wth you mean flagged ?