Blloc Community's site Light mode not working

Anyone else experiencing an issue with light mode for this site not working.
I’ve checked my settings, cleared the data for the app and loged out and back in but although light mode is enabled the site is still in dark mode.
Anything to do with the Google System Web View update that I got last night because that things a pain and always causes havoc with Ratio itself.

That’s a lot that you’ve done trying so far! Not to worry, though, I doubt that this is an issue that’s caused by your device. It’s prevalent on desktop on my end as well, so it must be some kind of configuration issue behind the scenes.

I don’t exactly know how Blloc has set up this Discourse forum, but I can only conclude so far saying that it’s likely not an issue at your end.

Hi Areoen,
Thank you for your reply it’s comforting to know it’s not my device however the issue still needs resolving.
As a Moderator you may have better access to the Web Master to report the issue, please can I leave the matter in your capable hands for progression.
Kind Regards, Imma.

Did you change it?

Also it doesn’t work for me, All dark

Yes it’s set to Light

Hmm weird then… My bad

Can you try setting yours to light and see if it works as it should that way I can see if it’s my device or the site, thank you

It’s the site, I’ve tried :bowing_man:t2:‍♂

Hi terrence,
Thanks,they have re activated it now

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