Blloc and work profile

basically, i use a work profile of bromite just for PWA, with keepass to follow. with samsung’s standard launcher it’s easy enough, because i Just go to the site, and create a shortcut. but with blloc? what can I do? and in general, how can I have work profile shortcuts on blloc? thank you in advance for the help.

As far as I know there is no option to use work profiles as of now. But it’s already on the roadmap and should come in a future update

Edit: Here’s the roadmap

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Work profile for google apps can be accessed now on settings of the apps. You can see a switch to work profile button there. Hope it helps.

no, what i was looking for is something akin to a normal launcher: i can access the work app from the launcher itself, and the shortcuts that i make with them. for example, on my samsung launcher i have a folder with shortcuts to various websites, which all use a clone of bromite in the work profile. i hope blloc integrates an option to make something like this.

Yep, unfortunately Ratio doesn’t support parallel apps or apps in a Work Profile at the moment. I believe that the team is working actively on this though, since many people have requested for it. We’ll just need to give them some time and have some patience! :smiley:

i see. well, gonna play the waiting game then. I would offer help but i’m not familiar about programming on android