Best phone for ratio?

Hi there,

my Z18 died now completely, so I am looking for a new phone that is supported by Ratio. Have been googling and looking here. to no avail.

Any recommendations which phones definitely do work or do not work?
Was thinking about the Oneplus Nord, OP N10 or OP 7T , any experiences?

Also why is this thread about unsupported devices no longer online?

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Hey there. :relaxed:
The thread about unsupported devices is no longer online because at this point, at least as far as I know, any Android phone above 8.1 should work with Ratio.

Well, I’m personally using the OnePlus Nord which I think is a very good choice for Ratio and in general. So I could recommend that one. I also know quite some people that are happily using their OnePlus 7T with Ratio so that would definitely be an option as well. I don’t know anyone using the N10 as of yet but I’m rather sure it’d also work. Nord and 7T should be safe choices though. :see_no_evil::grin:


Hi Nostalgia,

perfect, just ordered a OP Nord as well and I’m so looking forward to a phone running Ratio fluidly.

I wasn’t aware that Ratio is supposed to work on all devices, since I’ve seen quite some bugs across the forum when looking for phone recommendations, i.e. some people with an OP Nord seemed to have experienced bugs, like Ratio not adjusting to the phone screen ratio . So I guess the safest bet is to get a phone owned by most of the community and hope for quicker bug fixes… or get up a new list of phones with some stats on bugs per brand '=)

Thank you for the recommendation and sharing your experience.
Greatly appreciated!

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