Battery optimisation

I have samsung galaxy M30s and Battery consuption is high after setting Ratio as a Home. Does anyone facing the same issue?

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Hi @babariadipen!

Thanks for reporting your issue. Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult for Blloc to be able to trace battery consumption across different devices, since there’s just so many of them. Each Android skin from each manufacturer also have different methods for optimisation. Generally, though, doing the following may help:

  1. Disabling BllocDesk connection (Ratio Settings > General)
  2. Putting Ratio to sleep in the background (Settings > Device care > Battery > App power management)

Furthermore, there are other critical issues at hand (at the time of this writing) that requires more attention; therefore, it may be a while before performance fixes are being worked on.

Notwithstanding this issue, I hope you’ll continue to use and contribute to Ratio!


You should be able to make adjustments in the battery settings on your device. I don’t have a Samsung phone, however my Nova 3i has options for each app and an optimisation.
Ratio is currently using 13% of my battery consumption which is high but please remember it is in testing not the final app.

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Not to forget that the battery consumption in some cases gets batter after using Ratio for a while :yum:

@babariadipen More importantly though: Welcome to the community! :blush:

Hi there. I just install ratio early today. I’m using vivo 1904 @ android 9. I found out that ratio’s battery usage is high. I used Pixel Launcher before and it wasn’t consumed much battery as Ratio. Is this normal? Or it is something else?

Yes it’s normal because some of we facing that same issue. Its in developing phase so maybe they will fix this in future updates

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Owh… I see… it’s ok with me b’cos it been long time since i waited for invitation code. I’m since forgot about Ratio and then one day, opened up my email… ta da… there is an email to download. I’m satisfied. :+1: