Battery issue with Note 10+

I installed Ratio today. i have a note 10+ and the battery got drained very quickly and feels warm in my hand. Does the Ratio launcher consume allot of battery? What can i do or change in the settings to fix this issue. its draining like crazy. i also just updated the launcher.

Turn off blloc desk when not in use. Most recommended.

Sadly there are no other options

Yes i read a couple of threads. i did that. i also changed the settings from power user to optimized in note settings. removed the always on display. i just started using ratio today will test it for a couple of days. Thanks.

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That would work may be. Ratio will be optimised for battery by android. Wait for couple of days and get back here, will see then

Sadly it consumption is high for an android launcher now. Not only on note 10+ I am using Honorplay having same issue. But not that much your experiencing like device heated. It may be due to fresh install.

thanks. another question. my google app keeps on blinking with a yellow notification. when i open it i don’t have anything new. but it wants me to set is as my default assistant instead of ratio? what shall i do?

Hi, installed it on my Note 10+ as well the moment I got my email. Haven’t got any heating issues or abnormal drain. But let’s give it a couple of days to settle to get a better understanding. (Btw mine is exynos.)

I see the more than usual drain now. I’ve turned off Blloc desk & will monitor. Heating is not experienced though as for the past 16-17 hrs or so

maybe you have weather running in notification bar, clear. your notification bar and the yellow notification pill may stop blinking.

Hi can you please let me know if you have issues with the grayscale color. I have the navigation bar gestures active and everything I want to swipe from the right to change to gray the phone goes back to the previous page. I can’t get that option to work.

Hi, can’t say I’ve experienced such an issue. I’m using gestures (that are hidden) as well as One Handed Operation+. Greyscale seems to be okay for me. Could you kindly share a screenshot or gif to show the issue?

Me too the gestures are hidden and every time I want to swipe up from the bottom right screen the screen would go back.

I have three options which are basic right swipe up it takes you back middle swioe up takes you to home screen and left swipe up opens all active apps… so when I want to swipe up from the right to change the color to gray and vice versa the action takes me back. I have to open the app again… I tried scren recording the action but could not attach it. Unfortunately Samsung does not allow third party launchers from using the middle second gestures option. Which is similar one plus and pixel phones. That would solve the problem

I understand now. I have the same issue. I did a search on the community and found that others have simmilar issues. For now I manually change from greyscale to color by long pressing the app tile. But yea, I think this is one of the issues the developers need to take a look at

I read that in the next update Samsung will allow launchers to use the second option of the navigation bar. This will solve the problem. Unless ratio amends this option by swiping from another area on the screen like middle right or middle left.

We can only hope. But it’s not a major deal breaker for me. Personally, I’d really like to see a battery drain fix (it is significant), the development of the Tree, more options of the Root and hopefully if the devs make the app a one time payment instead of a subscription.

Yes the battery drain is an issue. Turn off the block desk option. I also turned off news in the root. I only kept weather and notes. I have been using the phone since 10 am now ots 11:30 and my battery fell from 99 to 83…

Thanks for that suggestion, I’ll turn off some of those root options and see if it helps alittle.

Been tinkering with my phone abit. The greyscale seems to work if you swipe up and hold from the center. I also checked my setting and ratio is set to my device assistant app. So no Google assistant, I think we have to pick Google or ratio to be the assistant. Perhaps take a look at your settings?

Also the greyscale will turn off if you exit the app. But reactivation is by swiping from the middle again. To make the greyscale permanent, you long press the apptile (I did this to reddit and it works).

Hope this helps

Can you inform me where exactly I can change the assistant from google to ratio!

Its in the ratio settings. Under the general drawer. Check the screenshot above. Hopefully, it should work for you

I have that on. I also tried your feedback. It works. But not easy. You sort of touch the center below and swipe up and down to change color. Sometimes ot works sometimes it swipes up and closes the app. Somehow tricky