Battery drain issue

I absolutely love everything about this launcher except for the part that its uses about 10-15% of battery .
I guess this will be optimised in the future updates .

Hey there, welcome to the community!

Excessive battery usage has been an issue that many have raised while using Ratio. We’re not sure on what causing this problem (due to the vast possibilities of causes), but one way that you may generally cut down excessive battery usage is to ensure that connection to BllocDesk is disabled when you don’t need it.

To disable connection to BllocDesk,

  1. Head over to Ratio Settings.
  2. Under General, disable ‘BllocDesk connection’.

Once again, this is a known issue that many have faced. If you’ve just turned off connection to BllocDesk, though, then it’s likely you’ll see battery usage fall by a little - not significantly, but still somewhat. Hope this helps!

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I had this issue in the first two days. Just turn off bllocdesk connection and you will be fine

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