Battery drain and cant change the wallpaper

Hello to all.
Im cofiguring the ratio pro and I cant change the wallpaper,I tryed to select a picture and set to the defsult walpeper but didnt work.
Any option to change the wallpaper???

Another problem is the battery drain, I turn off the opton of Bllockdesk conection but the app still consuming a lot of battery (30% of my battery)
Any solution??

Im using a samsung galaxy s8+ with Android 9
Thank you!!

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I don’t know about the wallpaper issue but the battery drain is said to often decrease after using the launcher for a few days

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At least there are several posts in the forum describing that


You can’t see the changes in the wallpaper because ratio uses balck background. If you want to see wallpaper go to ratio settings and change opacity to zero. If you have bright wallpaper it will show a shadow of that

Yeah, I know that and my oppacity is in 1, but I want to change the wallpaper at the background and I cant

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Actually you can’t

@barraca93 you can set a wallpaper and have transparency set to zero. Then you’ll be able to see an opaque wallpaper. A completely visible wallpaper isn’t possible right now.

If you mean the wallpaper doesn’t change at all, try restarting the device, set transparency to zero and brightness full. add a few pics for better understanding on further posts

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The same with my Galaxy S9, I have also turned off the bllockdesk connection.
I had like 70% of batttery at the evening, then when I look again my phone around 11pm, I had 11% .
I checked the battery settings and Ratio battery usage was at 27%