Battery consumption Galaxy S8


Ratio user from 2 days ago.
You think I this is a normal battery usage?


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Hi, welcome to the community :blush:
Many users seem to experience battery drain issues.

Turing off Blloc Desk Connection from Ratio settings (the general tab) helps.

Further, the phone may take a couple of days before battery life stabilises.


I noticed massive drain on my Pocophone at first, but after letting my battery drain to 0% and then doing a full charge, it’s seemed to have improved. I’m still noticing faster drain than when using Nova Launcher though.


Thanks everybody

I’m battery drain obsessed, and I really love ratio, but this is killing me.
Will have an eye on it.
Btw, always working with the desk connection off


Like I stated before first two days I faced battery issue. Now it’s great. No issue at all. I use the phone all day and by 2 am it still has around 20% which is excellent

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exactly @biltaji stated after couple of days it will consume very less due to its black background. i have honor play and it has LCD screen only in that i have noticed less power usage than other launchers.

I have to say it is going better.
Also changed to a new theme (placed in a post of this comunity for Samsungs…).

Really love this look…


Made a change: limit the background battery ussage for Ratio app. This is the result. Don’t understand.

Since last update, every 100% only about a 7% from ratio.

Daily driver for so long now.

Good work

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Hi my friend, how it is now? I’m having the same problem with my Galaxy S8 +. Ratio is consuming about 25% of the battery.

Much much better. Now (temporarly) using another device (no ratio). But about a 5%.
Check the blloc desk requirements in serttings, sometimes it is stuck on location needed or something else.
I think my device has “learn” to use ratio with the time…