Battery and network issue

As of lately, ratio has been consuming more battery, and also more network. What is going on? Last time i checked in the settings it said “35% used since last charge”, and battery guardian keeps alerting me of this error overnight:

My phone is a Samsung A50. I put blloc to sleep whenever i Don’t use use to make it use as little as possible battery.

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Ratio can take some load on your battery by default. Try these steps and see if battery consumption goes down; although it may not immediately cut down battery consumption, they are ways to mitigate Ratio from using battery excessively:

  1. Turn off active connections to BllocDesk and only use them when necessary. Head over to Ratio Settings - in the General Tab, toggle the switch to disable “BllocDesk connection”.
  2. Optimise Ratio’s battery usage. Head over to your phone’s Settings and head into Apps. From there, find Ratio. Select “Battery”, “Optimise battery usage”, and toggle the switch beside Ratio to enable it.

I haven’t tried this out on my end, but you may want to consider listing Ratio in your apps to sleep (Settings > Device care > Battery > App power management > Sleeping apps/Deep sleeping apps). I’m not sure if there are any repercussions from this, though!

Overall, these two sets have helped my Ratio usage drop from 5%-ish to 2%. Hope this helps!

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Did every single step, beside the deep sleep thing, don’t know where to look in a Samsung phone, since i have only put to sleep. But the battery usage is still high

Hi @Spektrum_light. Besides disabling Bllocdesk connection, you can try switching battery saving off for Ratio. That may help.

Why? Wouldn’t that make things worse?

In the past it helped some people and reduced the battery consumption significantly, so I think you should give it a go :slight_smile:

I can’t answer you why it helps though. It is counterintuitive after all.

Since you can always just turn it back on I’d really recommend to try it.

Edit: I think at the moment all you can do is to try different settings. The battery consumption seems to be something about ratio that’s quite weird. For some people it eats battery like snacks but for others (me included) ratio uses no battery at all. Hopefully in the future ratio will achieve that for all devices. :slight_smile:

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