Badge icons not displaying

Hi All,
Don’t know why but all of a sudden I’m not getting any badge icons / flashing green bar alerts, the issue doesn’t affect my email and texting apps but everything else is null.
I haven’t altered any settings except disabling usage. I haven’t installed any new apps.
I’ve reboot my device, Samsung Galaxy A70 but it’s made no difference.
Is there a known issue at the moment or is it my device, as I say I do have usage disabled, could that be the cause ?
Badges seem to be working fine when switching to Nova Launcher.
Any ideas anyone, please.

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Hi there,
Did you enable all ratio’s notifications permissions in special access > notication access ?

Enable both of them

If you mean in the device / system settings / Apps / Ratio then yes all permissions have been granted.
Or do you mean elsewhere?

For all 2?

Thanks Terrence for the comprehensive explanation.
I’ve now checked that setting and it is enabled so that can be eliminated.

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My head is blowing up :joy::exploding_head:

Yep me to,
Can’t seem to figure where the problems lies :thinking:

If you’re asking about the notification pills is not blinking… Yes a known issue and we escalated this issue to devs…

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Ah, at last thank you,
At least I know now.