Are LG phones supported by the program?

I have a LG Q6 and I was wondering if it’s supported because it’s not a very popular device. If it’s not, is there any workaround?

Hey @54drones, welcome!

You’re free to test out Ratio on your device, regardless of whether it’s supported or not. If you’ve received the e-mail inviting you to install Ratio, please feel free to do so!

Since your device isn’t supported, though, you may encounter some bugs - during this phase where Ratio’s being beta tested, your input can be helpful! Be sure to report any bugs you’ve encountered here (after checking if others have faced a similar issue).

On the other hand, if all works fine on your device, you may want to consider creating a thread under the #ratio:unsupported-devices tag; do note that there is a certain format that you’ll need to obey for this!

Thanks for joining us, and I hope you’ll enjoy using Ratio!