Are forum rules too strict?

i am a Z18 user and so far I very much like it and ratio.

I came here to learn more about it and bring in my experiencss. So far I am confused about this forum:

  • when I first posted my account was blocked and an admin had to unlock account and post (?)
  • now I learned that I cant post more than three times in a thread (?)
  • posts seem still to be reviewed by admins in certain cases, but in which and why (?)

I understand that earning badges and trust opens up more options, but the start for new users is not very inviting.

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Hello there!

Thanks for raising your concerns regarding actions done on your account here. As a moderator, I can help to answer some questions that you have. I’ve decided to make this a public statement as well, so that the rest of the forum may have a better understanding of what’s happening.

In some instances, some actions that are done by users may have been flagged incorrectly by the system automatically. We don’t usually take action against a user — much less a new user. Rather, we play the primary role of reviewing actions taken by the system. If necessary, we roll back the actions made by the system. Not every moderator or admin will be readily available 24/7 to immediately veto an action made by the system, but we hope to take righteous action as soon as possible.

In your instance, most of your actions have been false positives and the system did take action on your account. On our end, though, we’ve managed to reverse the actions taken. There should not be restrictions any more on your end, though I hope that we will be able to figure out what caused your second issue if it is still persistent.

Please let us know if there’s anything else that you would like to raise. Thanks for bringing up this issue!



thanks for the answer and details.