Apps not showing up

  1. Apps are not showing up after a fresh install. Did it over BllocDesk
  2. It it unreliable when I switch apps. Flashing…
  3. Also latest version isn’t showing up in BllocDesk
  4. Why can’t pro be installed over blloc service instead of every time connecting to bllocdesk!)
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I’d like to add to this by saying that I am having the same issue. I can get some occasional relief by clearing the cache-force stop-restarting ratio.

I’m using a Samsung S9+. It’s only been the latest 3.2.5 update that’s been displaying these instabilities.

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Same Problem S10+, temporarily deactivated Ratio

Clearing cash solved the problem temporarily. Then I had to disable it. I have a S20+. Now using a customized One UI with dracula(vim color coded) theme plus using the monochrome specific option for social media app and also app timer to avoid overage.

Kind of feeling One UI is serving my purpose better with few tweaks. :sweat_smile:

Hope Ratio gets better.