App lock must be more reliable

when we set an app with app lock the app gets locked but when we open that same app by going into

System settings>Apps and Notifications>specify app>open

the app will get opened without any lock. I think it must not open as we kept app lock to it

So, I suggest to make “App lock” more reliable


I think it’s not that trivial to make the app lock function airtight, but I confess I’ve also thought about it being rather easy to circumvent. :yum:

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I believe the android system will have conflict if it allowed ratio app lock to take over built-in android system wide app security and encryption

antivirus softwares like Kaspersky mobile, Sophos itersept X and etc

they are having a feature called app lock, to enable that they request Accessibility service permission and they work so great in locking the app. As Ratio App lock is also asking permission for Accessibility service to lock the app, I expected the same level of work.

But Blloc Ratio is simply awesome :slight_smile: